When Dragons Come for a Visit

Dragons from Mars was such a beautifully illustrated story. I have never read a book illustrated by Colin Jack but I am absolutely in love with his style of art. The amount of detail that went in to each picture is simply amazing. No detail was overlooked, and you can see the amount of work that went in to each and every picture. This combined with the lyrical flow of the story really make this one stand out amongst all the dragon books out there. The rhyming was well done and made this book easy to read. It's a fun one to read aloud to your kids. Kids of any age will enjoy this. Especially with the amount of havoc they wreak when coming to Earth. A funny story with adorable pictures makes this story one that parents and children alike will love. Deborah and Colin work very well together and I can't wait to see more stories about Dragons!

YA and Kids Books Central | Jacklin Updegraft | Staff Reviewer

Where's My Tushy? Review

This rhymed fable of a town where the tushies desert their owners for a little R & R is just what young kids will adore while adults won't snore. The illustrations present plenty of humor on their own, with lots for kids to discover and chortle at on each page. Aronson, on her first time out, has hit a bulls-eye; this is the kind of book that children will request over and over...and over...

Sarah Kernochan | Director of two Academy Award winning documentaries; screenwriter for "Learning to Drive" among others

A Tushy Tale

Deborah Aronson gets to the bottom of what happened to a town’s rear ends.

Detroit Jewish News | Esther Allweiss Ingber | Contributing Writer